Derived from the Greek word “okionomia”, economics was originally the study of “household management”. Today, economics is both art and science. The subject stems from the premise that every individual aims to maximize satisfaction, or also known as “utility”. How that utility is derived and measured is less of a concern than the primary objective to explain and predict human behaviour with the aim of maximizing satisfaction. Simply put, the subject of economics is rooted in the question of how does an individual make decisions to maximize utility when faced with limited resources and the interaction of others. This endeavour expands from the individual to society to the nation – in other words from microeconomics to macroeconomics.

I am able to provide tutoring services in the following subjects:

Introductory Economics
Public Economics
Labour Economics
Financial Economics
International Trade


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* Location in Little Italy Area, Toronto, Canada. In-home tutoring provided at additional costs to cover travel and commute.

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First lessons for new students at lowest available rate.
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Full fees for Lesson Packages are paid upfront before the beginning of the first lesson. Fees for Pay-as-you-go are paid at the end of each lesson. Fees can be paid in cash, via online banking, or PayPal.
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Pay-as-you-go: 24 hours notice required or penalty of $50 applies.

5 Hour or 10 Hour packages: Fees are non-refundable.