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Testimonials | Ahmed Khan


“I took a required course called Mathematics for Business and Management. Math has always been my weakest subject and this course required knowledge of calculus and other math fundamentals. I tried Youtube videos, internet resources and the textbook but I couldn’t understand. Following a low mid-term grade, I reached out to Ahmed. Immediately after our first session, my understanding of the content improved as Ahmed explained the concepts and techniques. Ahmed was very patient and explained it in a way that made me understand – so that I didn’t have to memorize. Ahmed is a very respectful, kind, polite, down to earth person and he is very easy to get along with. He is an awesome teacher and has the rare ability to explain complex ideas coherently. I ended the course with a high mark and I was able to successfully graduate from University. I would recommend Ahmed to anyone struggling with math or economics.
Joe Das (1st Year University – Math)

“Over the last year-and-a-half I have had significant issues with Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and had to take first course multiple times. On my last attempt I found Ahmed. His way of explaining the most difficult of concepts from multiple perspectives — patiently and diligently approaching them from multiple angles until they clicked — allowed me to pass them within weeks! I whole-heartedly recommend Ahmed!”
Louis Molnar (Online course – Economics)

“Ahmed provided assistance with ECON2400, Intermediate Macroeconomics, at York University. This course was a requirement for the HR program that I was in.  I contacted Ahmed for assistance and he was able to explain Economic concepts that were unfamiliar to me. He was punctual and willing to commute to help me get through the course.”
Yasmeen Eghtesadi (2nd Year University – Economics)

“Ahmed first started tutoring me for a math placement test that I had to write in order to be part of Ryerson’s business program. He helped me succeed in this as I finished with 92% on the exam. He then provided tutoring in ECN104 and ECN204 at Ryerson. With Ahmed’s help I was able to understand concepts and solve economics problems that I was unable to do in class prior to our sessions. He was patient, respectful and provided clear explanations.”
Simona Mammoliti  (1st Year University – Math & Economics)

“Ahmed provided assistance with an online course, CIA4U, Analyzing Current Economic Issues. Initially, I was anxious and uncertain about the course. Through Skype, Ahmed patiently and effectively explained concepts and principles. With his help I was able to get a mark of 85% in the course. By the end of the course, I had developed a liking for Economics which has become one of my favourite subjects to the extent that I may pursue it in further studies.”
Success Wokili (High School Grade 12 Economics)

“Ahmed provided assistance with ECON 201A Introduction to Macroeconomics, Memorial University. Through his online assistance I was able to complete assignments and tests and performed very highly in the final exam. I obtained a final mark of 88% in the course. Ahmed was prompt with his assistance and always available when contacted. 
Fahmi Eshaq (1st Year University, Economics)

“Ahmed provided assistance with MAT135, Calculus, at the University of Toronto. Although I consider myself to be competent in math, the transition from high school to university can be challenging.  Over a few weeks, Ahmed and I tackled many calculus problems that helped me become more comfortable with the course. He was patient and prepared in advance of the session. After bungling up my first midterm pretty badly, I really needed the help and Ahmed went over all the course materials with me in depth. We focused on past papers to help get to grips on how the course was examined. My final was significantly better and I can honestly say it wouldn’t have been without his help.”
Nermeen Islam (1st Year University – Mathematics)